Mancini declared shock even though Italy missed direct ticke

Mancini declared shock even though Italy missed direct ticke

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The Italian team for the second time in a row had to play play-offs with a nightmare of missing the 2018 World Cup. Manager Mancini declared shock after the helpless draw Northern Ireland.
Banthangtv What happens to Italy after winning the biggest football tournament in Europe, euro 2020? The club's decline and loss of self led to ... losing the direct ticket to the 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar that should have been taken over long ago. Last night, in the final decisive match of the 2022 World Cup sample round, captain Mancini's club still could not do anything before the opponent's goalkeeper. Draw 0-0 Northern Ireland and Switzerland beat Bulgaria 4-0, Italy painfully watched Switzerland get the ticket to take the top spot in Group C in the end.
Italian news called it a 'nightmare' with Mancini's teachers and students possessing the obsession with the World Cup play-off that made Thien Thanh's shirt missed the summer of Russia 2018.
But this time, the Italian team is to blame more than many when they themselves threw away too many opportunities.
Coach Mancini said after the game: “There is nothing we can do (with the loss of direct tickets) right now. Italy owns the match in March and will try their best to fight with all their might.
At the moment, Italy has difficulty in scoring, although the ball is dominant and dominates the game.
It's a pity because we should have won our tickets long before this led Vegas79 to a scene like this. We missed 2 decisive penalties (in both matches against Switzerland). That shows Italy has a chance to win."
Italy just won the Euro crown 4 months ago and now the current situation is visible, possibly for the second time in a row, missing the World Cup appointment. However, coach Mancini still made a shocking statement, Italy will be the king of the World Cup:
“Now we have to put it out for the play-offs in March. The Italian team 90ptv will enter the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and hope to be the king of the tournament."
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