Run 3 transports you to outer space.

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Run 3 transports you to outer space.

Beitragvon kanesmith » Di 9. Nov 2021, 07:54

In run 3 , you can go to the furthest reaches of the universe. Run 3 is a very addictive infinite runner-style action/platforming game in which you control a little grey alien. The small extraterrestrial is trespassing in a spaceship with an architecturally challenging place. You flee after trespassing in the forbidden zone, which is filled with a growing number of hazardous holes. If you fall into one of the holes, you will become lost in space, so keep your eyes peeled!

However, as you run and job your way past bizarre obstacles in an extraterrestrial landscape where the rules of physics don't always apply, the only perspiration you'll see will be from your hands! Why run in circles when you can go across a track that progressively creates more and more dangerous holes in your path? Plus, this game is located in space, which is far superior to the park or the gym.

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