I'm very shy

I'm very shy

Beitragvon CutSon934 » Do 10. Jan 2019, 09:43

Of course I am ashamed to talk about it, but I'm a virgin. This prevents me from having a relationship with a girl. I'm afraid to screw it up when it comes to sex!
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Re: I'm very shy

Beitragvon FatLevel74 » Do 10. Jan 2019, 15:44

You urgently need to have sex with a girl! Look at this service, order a prostitute and fuck her well! Cheers!
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Re: I'm very shy

Beitragvon Lielkaleya » Fr 11. Jan 2019, 10:48

Man this sound very bad!! I know one service they can help you https://escortsitekettering.com/service-escort
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