Who do you admire?

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Who do you admire?

Beitragvon Boriska » Fr 17. Sep 2021, 00:33

Who do you admire? Who inspires you? I am very much inspired by Kim Kardashian. She's so beautiful and rich, but she's also kind and human. Helping people and that deserves respect.
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Re: Who do you admire?

Beitragvon candymika » Fr 17. Sep 2021, 03:37

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Re: Who do you admire?

Beitragvon lydmila678 » Do 23. Sep 2021, 00:23

I admire the jugglers from thetardybrothers.com . I've always loved some tricks, tricks, and juggling. In general, I love gypsy shows, except for the animal shows. I strongly oppose it, and consider it animal abuse.
So, and one day the Tardy Brothers jugglers were performing at one of the shows. I was amazed at their performance. I couldn't believe what they were doing. I still don't understand how anyone could learn to do that.
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