How can I connect HP DeskJet 3512 to Mac?

How can I connect HP DeskJet 3512 to Mac?

Beitragvon charlesstefin » Fr 8. Okt 2021, 13:11

HP DeskJet 3512 is a multifunctional printer known for its quality-driven printing solutions. This HP printer comes with outstanding features and advanced technology. Moreover, users can also Connect HP DeskJet 3512 Printer to Wifi. However, one of the most frequently asked question by users is how can I connect HP DeskJet 3512 to Mac. If you are too looking for the answer to this question, then here it is:

• First of all, ensure you have a Network Name and Password as they are needed to establish the connection.
• Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection.
• Now, go to the official website of HP on your browser
• Click on the Driver Download option
• After downloading the HP DeskJet 3512 driver in your system, you can use the Network name and password and install the driver on your Mac system.
• Then, choose the printer name and tap on the download button.
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Re: How can I connect HP DeskJet 3512 to Mac?

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Re: How can I connect HP DeskJet 3512 to Mac?

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