Barca became 'Arsenal in La Liga' after defeat against Bayer

Barca became 'Arsenal in La Liga' after defeat against Bayer

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Coach Koeman's club lost to Bayern 0-3 at the Nou Camp, bringing great disappointment to football fans. Barca is likened to 'Arsenal in La Liga', miserably short of breath.
90ptv Thomas Muller's opening goal and Lewandowki's brace turned Barca once again into a 'joke' against Bayern Munich, the team that once engulfed the club with a score of 8-2 when Messi was still there. Lewandowski beamed as he declared, able only to mention 'it was a perfect day' bongdatructuyen
With manager Koeman, he explained after the game, 'The level between Bayern and Barca is different at the moment...'.
And center-back Pique is still optimistic: "Barca is not among the passionate nominations for the Champions League this season. But it's just the beginning, nothing has happened yet, just look at Chelsea last season."
Meanwhile, losing the march in Group E of the European Club Football Championship 2021/22 made many fans see how the mighty Barca has fallen bet 69
One fan posted on twitter: "Sad at how low Barcelona have been. The team looks like children compared to Bayern Munich in its own home."
Another wrote: "Barca is out of breath. The club is terrible and the club reminds me of Arsenal."
One more share: "This is the most tasteless Barca game I have ever seen in my life. The mighty have fallen. The club doesn't look any different from Arsenal."
And analysis: “Barca used a three-back scheme against Bayern and lost. How did Barca make this mess?".
“I can't believe Barcelona have fallen so quickly. The club was its own model a few years ago, sadly…”
Barca with Messi once lost to Bayern, but a Barca now without Messi will face many more problems than that, not just a defeat.
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